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About Us

AirDancers.com®, the original dancing inflatables since 1999.  AirDancers.com has been helping retail businesses increase sales and get noticed for over 15 years. Our dynamic dancing inflatable products, “AirDancers®”, are proven to increase visibility, traffic, and sales by up to 30%.  Air Dancers® are the ideal advertising solution for maximizing the efficiency of any marketing budget. Touting one of the best bang for your buck advertising solutions available, Air Dancers® will quickly and effectively get your business noticed immediately. Put an Air Dancer® to work for your business today!

AirDancers.com® is the US’s leading manufacturer and seller of inflatable advertising products. AirDancers.com manufactures, sells, and distributes our innovative advertising products across the country and throughout the world. What does that mean for you?  Our loyal customers receive the best pricing, highest quality products, most friendly customer service and of course, Free Shipping.

AirDancers.com keeps thousands of Air Dancers® in stock and ready to ship. Orders ship from our San Francisco, CA warehouse directly to your doorstep. All orders for in-stock products placed before 2:00pm pst (m-f) will ship out that same day. Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Give us a call or click on the “customize” tab on the top of this page to create your own custom AirDancer® product. 


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An AirDancer® is the AirDancers.com’s inflatable advertising product that works! Not be confused with other products known as Sky Dancers, Fly Guys, Tube Men, or other products. If it’s called an Air Dancer® then it represents AirDancers.com’s patented design, proprietary components, and dynamic dancing motion. All of these help contribute to its success as the most effective advertising product for your advertising dollar. If it’s not an AirDancer, it’s not from AirDancers.com. AirDancers.com is the home of the original AirDancers® since 1999. AirDancers® is a trademark of AirDancers.com, and is registered in the United States and abroad (strictly enforced). 

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