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  • Car Wash with Car Shape Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man & Blower Set 10ft

Car Wash with Car Shape Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man & Blower Set 10ft

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25.50 LBS


Product Description

The 10ft Car Wash with Car Shape Air Dancers® inflatable tube man and Blower Set by AirDancers.com is the inflatable advertising tube guy you need to attract more cars into your car wash business. Nothing says 'you need a car wash' more than our 10ft Car Wash with Car Shape wacky waving inflatable tube man when cars pass by this inflatable dancing advertising product from AirDancers.com. Increase visibility and novelty factor for your business with this outdoor advertising product. This Air Dancers® inflatable tube man Set includes our 12” diameter AirDancer blower.

Car Wash with Car Shape 10ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube man specs:  

  • Material: High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin
  • Bottom material: 600D pvc/nylon
  • NOT intended for us in rain
  • Height: 10ft tall
  • Designed for 12" diameter AirDancers.com blowers
  • However is only compatible with 12" Velcro mount blowers

12" Diameter Blower Specs: 

  • Number of Speeds: 1
  • Blower Horsepower: 1/3hp
  • Power: 110v/60hz (standard wall outlet)
  • Amps: 5.5
  • Diameter of the blower is 12"
  • Compatible only with 12" Velcro mount inflatable tube men
  • CLICK HERE to View the 12" Blower product page.
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