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​Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men and the Auto Industry


How are auto dealers utilizing these crazy inflatable wavy men? The auto industry was the first to adopt inflatable tube men products as an extremely effective means to bring customers in the door. When AirDancers.com started, the cost of our products started in the thousands of dollars. Everyone acknowledged they worked, but a few auto dealers were the first to take the leap of faith and purchase. Thanks to AirDancers.com's high volume we have been able to bring the cost down significantly to where it makes sense for all industries and the smallest of businesses to be able to take advantage of the most effective outdoor advertising products on the market. The auto industry is the largest business segment utilizing AirDancers.com inflatable advertising products. Check out our blog post below to see how new and used car dealers, automotive service, and car wash businesses are taking advantage of our inflatable tube men products to help increase sales and bring in new customers. 

New Car Dealer: The new car dealers often line the perimeter of their mega dealerships with several Air Dancers® inflatable tube men, creating a major buzz. Whether the products are up at all times, or reserved for special 3-day events, we have seen some of the most impressive setups from new car dealers. AirDancers.com several colors, sizes, and designs that allow auto dealers to constantly change the look of their dealership. Utilize different colors like our Blue and Yellow 20ft models to match the local high school colors on Friday's for the football game and help connect the community to your business. American Flag and Uncle Sam models for the Fourth of July Sale or Pre-Lettered Air Dancers® Tube Men to let everyone know about the Blowout Sale or Hot Summer Sale. Get creative with the dozens of designs on AirDancers.com to liven up your dealership and increase sales! 

Used Car Dealer: The used car dealers often don't have as much space to work with, but they don't lack creativity when it comes to marketing. We made so many custom inflatable tube men from their requests that we began carrying the most popular ones in stock. The WE BUY CARS model continues to be a hot sellers as it generates buy back and new car sales. Another one of our most popular auto products is the plain Yellow model with Car Shape. Don't forget that many dealerships also offer auto services and letting customers know that you also do WINDOW TINTAUTO REPAIR, and OIL CHANGE should not be overlooked when considering marketing. Many passer buyers who are not in the market for a new car do not realize that these other services are offered. Your Air Dancers® product can be thanked for those new clients! 

Car Wash: Car wash and auto detailing shops are another one of AirDancers.com's largest business segments that have taken advantage of the effectiveness of inflatable tube men. Pulling into a car wash is often an 'impulse buy' and you only have seconds to get noticed. Our products have been proven to capture new customers in a split second and bring in new business that otherwise would have kept on driving by. AirDancers.com has pre-lettered inflatables that say CARWASH and we even have one that incorporates a Car Shaped CARWASH model. Stay tuned for other AirDancers.com success stories, best practices, creative uses, and many other product stories topics on the AirDancers.com blog.

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