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Why Should You Buy Air Dancers® smaller 10ft inflatable tube men?


At AirDancers.com we often receive questions about how to most effectively use Air Dancers® inflatable tube men when there is limited space in which they can be used. Luckily we have a unique product in our 10ft AirDancers® inflatable tube man products which use a much smaller 12-inch diameter blower. These tube men are perfect for any business or event that is limited on space and must utilize the area that is available. Like all products at AirDancers.com, once you own the mini blower you can change or rotate the attachments to keep them fresh. We have a variety of 10ft AirDancers® tube men attachments in the main colors as well as an American Flag themed model. Now we are offering an even more unique product that is a 10ft tube. 

The new 10ft tube line by Air Dancers® is a new product offered by AirDancers.com. The 10ft tubes fit on the AirDancers.com mini 12-inch diameter blower. We have in stock and ready to ship in redblueyelloworangegreen, and red/white/blue. These are the most popular and effective colors that will bring the attention needed to your business or event. We also have two pre-lettered “sale” tubes in red and blue. These tubes attachments are $45 and free to ship. For anyone or business on a tight budget these tubes are the perfect solution if the Air Dancers® 20ft products are not in your price range. Choose AirDancers.com 10ft tubes as the perfect and effective advertising solution for your business or event.

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