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Air Dancers® 20ft vs 10ft Inflatable Tube Men


One question we often hear at AirDancers.com is, “when should I use the 10ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube man versus the 20ft”? Below are some common questions and scenarios when one size product may be better suited than the other.

Off the Main Road - 20ft: If your location is > 50ft off the main road, we advise the use of the 20ft tall product. The 10ft are great, however if your location is that far off of the main road, you will need something tall enough to get noticed. Go with the 20ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube man products.

When Indoors - 10ft: Due to the noise of the blower, we highly recommend using the 10ft products when indoor. The 10ft model will still draw people to your booth, trade show space, event, or any other indoor event where attention is need, but still allow you to speak with those passing by. The 10ft model has half the decibel rating as the 20ft, so for the sake of noise, chose the 10ft product which is powered by the 1/3hp blower. Go with the 10ft model.

Event Entrance or Party: This really depends on how difficult your location is to find. In situations where the directions are straight forward and not difficult to find, the 10ft model is sufficient. If you location is difficult to find, far back off of a main road, or 10ft will not be visible, then a 20ft model would be necessary. This one really depends on the factors.

Small Downtown - 10ft:  If your are dealing with a location where you don't have much real estate in front of your store, nor can you put an inflatable tube man on the roof, the 10ft is the better choice. Also, take into consideration the space pedestrians need to walk by. In the small downtown scenario, go with the 10ft model.

Highway - 20ft: When cars are flying by at 70mph you only have a split second to catch their attention. You need maximum height to let everyone know there is something worth noticing. The 20ft model is what it will take to get noticed.

Tight Budget:  Regardless if you purchase a 10ft or 20ft Air Dancers product, custom, pre-lettered, or custom characters, our Air Dancers® brand products will easily justify the early cost. We do understand that costs can pile up when starting a new business. In the event that budgets are tight, we would suggest a 10ft model to help keep costs down. With that said, as business begins to pick up (thanks to your Air Dancers® brand product) you should consider getting a 20ft, custom, or custom character model. 

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