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Replace Sign Spinners With Air Dancers® Giant Inflatable Advertising Arrows


AirDancers.com has recently released a game changer in the inflatable advertising industry. Are you currently using inflatable tube men products and looking for something outside of the box? Check out the inflatable giant arrow. AirDancers.com Giant SALE arrow is compatible with your AirDancers.com 18in, 3 adjustable speed Air Dancers® inflatable tube man Blower. This dynamic inflatable is exactly what you’re looking for to turn heads. Featuring 3 individual tube dancers that reach 15ft tall projecting from the top of the waving arrow. The inflatable giant arrow is ideal for a location with limited space, directing traffic to hard to find entrances, or any other scenario where someone's attention needs to be grabbed. Chose from our two most popular in stock colors or create your own custom Arrow. 

Create Your Own: Customize your own giant inflatable arrow by choosing your message. We can make the letters slightly smaller and use multiple lines of text. Dream it up, AirDancers.com will take care of the rest. Match your business color by picking from our 8 available in stock colors to decide arrow, text color, and tube dancer colors. 

AirDancers.com continues to be the pioneer of innovation in the dynamic inflatable industry, not only for Air Dancers® brand inflatable tube men, but all inflatables. Please contact AirDancers.com to get yours shipped out today.

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Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men Make Special Events More Special!

Make your next event more memorable! AirDancers.com Air Dancers® not only increase your businesses sales, but they also make your party or event the talk of the town!Here are a couple of my favorite stories from AirDancers.com customers: Grandparents loved to babysit, but their grand child wouldn’t behave. They bought an Air Dancers® brand [...]

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Benefits of Rotating Your Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Man Attachments

Marketing or advertising for your business is one of the most important factors in letting the public know about you. They are many forms of marketing that are effective but Air Dancers® inflatable tube men from AirDancers.com are a proven and unique way to reach your customers. Whether you’re a retail store, car wash, or promoting an event, Air [...]

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Air Dancers® 20ft vs 10ft Inflatable Tube Men

One question we often hear at AirDancers.com is, “when should I use the 10ft Air Dancers® inflatable tube man versus the 20ft”? Below are some common questions and scenarios when one size product may be better suited than the other.Off the Main Road - 20ft: If your location is > 50ft off the main road, [...]

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Why Rent AirDancers When You Can Buy For Less?

Why rent an AirDancers® inflatable tube man when you can purchase one for slightly more than it costs to rent one? AirDancers.com has scoured the internet and gathered pricing from all over the US. On average the going rate to rent an inflatable tube man is $75 for just one day, $150 for 3 days, [...]

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Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men + 4th Of July = More Sales

Summer is the peak sales season for most industries and its important to take advantage of the summer’s three big holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the 4th of July). Across the country as July 4th nears people are preparing for a celebration, party or trip; meaning everyone is in need of goods and is willing to spend money [...]

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​Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men and the Auto Industry

How are auto dealers utilizing these crazy inflatable wavy men? The auto industry was the first to adopt inflatable tube men products as an extremely effective means to bring customers in the door. When AirDancers.com started, the cost of our products started in the thousands of dollars. Everyone acknowledged they worked, but a few auto [...]

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How franchises are using Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men to promote brand-advertising campaigns

In recent years, the popularity of Air Dancers® inflatable tube men products being used by large nation wide franchises has increased dramatically. What has caused this and why have national franchise chains fallen in love with our products?All successful franchises are obsessed with consistency. As a franchise grows, one of their most difficult tasks is to maintain consistency throughout all [...]

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