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How franchises are using Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men to promote brand-advertising campaigns


In recent years, the popularity of Air Dancers® inflatable tube men products being used by large nation wide franchises has increased dramatically. What has caused this and why have national franchise chains fallen in love with our products?

All successful franchises are obsessed with consistency. As a franchise grows, one of their most difficult tasks is to maintain consistency throughout all of their franchise locations. Consistency of their product offering, sales promotions, branding, operating standards, and customer experience are all key.

When franchises go to AirDancers.com to request help with promoting a future special, we stress the importance of consistent branding, consistent advertising, and consistency in store participation.

A positive example of how inflatable tube man products can be effectively used throughout a region of franchises, is the example of a west coast burger chain with over 2,000 locations that wanted to promote the new change that their drive thru window is now open 24hrs a day. They wanted an innovative way to effectively convey this new message to all of their young customers throughout all of their locations.

AirDancers.com offers an Air Dancers Inflatable Tube Man product for each of their franchise locations. The products were all produced exactly the same and designed to incorporate the brands exact brand colors, brand shape, and brand logo. In addition, the message printed onto the tube men was clear and concise. To ensure consistency of the promotion throughout all their locations, the products were shipped with the following use instructions.


The location in which the product is to be located is specifically dictated based on common characteristics and features of all locations. The number of feet away from the building, front drive entrance, sidewalk, and front door should all be dictated.

Use Times:

The exact hours of operation and duration of use are to be dictated. In addition, internal emails should be sent as reminders to turn on and turn off the products.

Maintenance & Cleaning:

Directions on how to store, how to clean, and when to order a new Air Dancers® inflatable tube man product should be included as well. It’s important that the product be kept clean, crisp, and new looking. The high quality of AirDancers.com products and materials ensures this, but pictures of acceptable looking (worn) products and unacceptable (needs to be replaced) products should be included in the use instructions.

Air Dancers® inflatable tube man products can be an extremely effective tool in branding and promotion for large franchise chains. Our products offer an innovative, fun, and outside of the box way to promote any message to a mass customer base. To ensure the most effective results, it’s important that franchise owners control the consistency of their promotional campaign with the use of simple instructions and internal communications.

Franchises have fallen in love with our products and it’s no question why, they work. We continue to see the popularity of inflatable tube men increase within the franchise retail industry and AirDancers.com will continue to be the #1 source for innovative, quality, and effective inflatable promotional products.  

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