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Replace Sign Spinners With Air Dancers® Giant Inflatable Advertising Arrows


AirDancers.com has recently released a game changer in the inflatable advertising industry. Are you currently using inflatable tube men products and looking for something outside of the box? Check out the inflatable giant arrow. AirDancers.com Giant SALE arrow is compatible with your AirDancers.com 18in, 3 adjustable speed Air Dancers® inflatable tube man Blower. This dynamic inflatable is exactly what you’re looking for to turn heads. Featuring 3 individual tube dancers that reach 15ft tall projecting from the top of the waving arrow. The inflatable giant arrow is ideal for a location with limited space, directing traffic to hard to find entrances, or any other scenario where someone's attention needs to be grabbed. Chose from our two most popular in stock colors or create your own custom Arrow. 

Create Your Own: Customize your own giant inflatable arrow by choosing your message. We can make the letters slightly smaller and use multiple lines of text. Dream it up, AirDancers.com will take care of the rest. Match your business color by picking from our 8 available in stock colors to decide arrow, text color, and tube dancer colors. 

AirDancers.com continues to be the pioneer of innovation in the dynamic inflatable industry, not only for Air Dancers® brand inflatable tube men, but all inflatables. Please contact AirDancers.com to get yours shipped out today.

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