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Why Rent AirDancers When You Can Buy For Less?


Why rent an AirDancer® when you can purchase an AirDancer® for slightly more than it costs to rent one? AirDancers.com has scoured the internet and gathered pricing from all over the US. On average the going rate to rent an air dancer is $75 for just one day, $150 for 3 days, or $200 for an entire week. If you are looking for an extended rental, the go for $300 for two week periods. This does not include additional fees that rental companies charge for setup and delivery which can range from $20 - $100. If you plan on picking up and setting it up yourself, there are strict deadlines for returning the air dancer before a certain time or you will be charged an extra day. The last thing you want to do after a huge event or sale is worry about making a delivery early in the morning to avoid added fees on your air dancer rental. 

Don't rent when you can buy your own AirDancer® for $199 (Shipping Included)!

All of the costs and reasons above are why it just makes sense to own your own air dancer. Most of the AirDancers.com customers use their AirDancer® each and everyday. If you thought you only needed to generate attention for your grand opening or blowout sidewalk sale, think about all of the other opportunities it can help increase sales. What about putting your AirDancer outside for your anniversary sale, Memorial Day Sale, Fourth of July Sale, Labor Day Sale, or any other special event to generate attention. Lend it to your neighbor for his child's birthday party or to your local churches summer camp. Due to AirDancers.com volume we have been able to bring the price down so far where it just makes sense to own an AirDancer®. Whether it be a 10ft AirDancer or 20ft AirDancer® and blower set, or even a customer character, don't rent air dancers, purchase your own air dancer today!

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