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​Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men and the Auto Industry

How are auto dealers utilizing these crazy inflatable wavy men? The auto industry was the first to adopt inflatable tube men products as an extremely effective means to bring customers in the door. When AirDancers.com started, the cost of our products started in the thousands of dollars. Everyone acknowledged they worked, but a few auto [...]

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How franchises are using Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men to promote brand-advertising campaigns

In recent years, the popularity of Air Dancers® inflatable tube men products being used by large nation wide franchises has increased dramatically. What has caused this and why have national franchise chains fallen in love with our products?All successful franchises are obsessed with consistency. As a franchise grows, one of their most difficult tasks is to maintain consistency throughout all [...]

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Welcome to AirDancers.com

Welcome to AirDancers.com!Enjoy the full collection of small and large Air Dancers® inflatable tube men products and other inflatable advertising products.  Enjoy Free Shipping on all orders and be sure to take advantage of the Wholesale program in place to begin reselling Air Dancers brand products today!

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