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Air Dancers® Inflatable Tube Men Make Special Events More Special!


Make your next event more memorable! AirDancers.com Air Dancers® not only increase your businesses sales, but they also make your party or event the talk of the town!

Here are a couple of my favorite stories from AirDancers.com customers:

  • Grandparents loved to babysit, but their grand child wouldn’t behave. They bought an Air Dancers® brand product, now their grandchild requests to stay at their house on weekends.
  • Mom wanted her daughters sweet 16 to be memorable. She bought an air dancer with her daughters name on it, problem solved.
  • Groomsmen wanted to play a prank on their friend. They bought the product and turned it on after the first dance. It stayed on the dance floor all night.
  • Neighbor is considered the neighborhood Grinch. Their friend purchased a Santa model and set up the product on his (the grinch's) lawn. Christmas is now his favorite holiday and he decorated his entire house with lights the following year.
  • Summer camp needed some flare so the camp councilor purchased an Air Dancers brand inflatable tube man. It has now brought everyone together as the center of the camp ‘dance contest’ as the campers try to mimic the products movement.

These are just a small sample of the many calls we receive of customers getting creative with their air dancers. Just because you don’t own a retail business doesn’t mean you can’t use the product. Get creative and put a smile on someone’s face with Air Dancers® brand products from airdancers.com today! 

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